Level 125 Candy Crush

Peppermint Palace’s 15th and final level is Candy Crush’s 125th level. Trust us, when we say that they saved the hardest for the last episode, we mean it. Hopefully our tips and strategies will help ease the pain, and even earn you three stars in the process. After you pass Candy Crush 125, be sure to bookmark CandyCrushIt.com for remaining candy crush cheats on every level.

Tips/ Basic StrategyCandy Crush 125

  • Objective: Score 80,000 points in 55 moves or less. To do this you should try and clear the 34 present jelly squares.
  • The 64th jelly level isn’t kind to fellow Candy-Crushers, but if you have any extra moves by the end of the level, it will surely pay off. This level is going to leave you with a massive amount of challenges. If you think that breaking through the spinners and white blocks are hard, just wait…because it is the effortless part of the level. You should try your hardest to create horizontal and vertical striped candies, placing them (if possible) in the corners. These are the hardest sections to get special candies into. As you may already be aware of, the top right and top left corners are especially difficult in this regard. If possible, create color bombs or mix a striped and wrapped candy together to take care of this issue.

Everyone loves using special candies as they help out tremendously, especially in a level like this. You will need to do so in this level due to the overwhelming amount of jellies present. However, before you go off using special candies (this includes those that are in your inventory), you have to ensure you clear the licorice swirls. If you are not aware by now, these types of swirls are resistant to special candies.

  • Stars: 3 stars: 145,000 points; 2 stars: 120,000 points and 1 star: 80,000 points

Advanced Guide

You must understand that clearing all the jellies is very hard, especially with the two layered meringue and licorice swirls present. Do not forget that there are jellies underneath these, and the blockers are just making your job even harder. The resistance to striped candy is formidable, so keep this in mind when making your moves. If you have already had experience with 4-layered meringue (or more), this level should not give you much trouble after about the fourth or fifth try. Passing this level on this first try would be amazing. If you make your matches alongside the licorice swirls, getting them out of the way, you should be able to make a few combos (either wrapped or striped candies).